Creative Photo Walks

Zoom with your legs

The Wicked tooth peak Maljovitca area in Central Rila mountain. Western Rila mountain. Seven Lakes area. The new two chair lift to Rila Lakes chalet. Seven Lakes area the Lake hill. Small pyramids made of flat stones which tourists make to commemorate their visits here. Central Rila mountain. One of Maljovitca lakes and the path towards the peak. Six of the Seven Rila lakes and lakes hill. The crystal clear water of an alpine lake and tourists reflections on its surface. Sunflower fields.

Places we go

For 5 days each group will have the chance to visit few towns and hike in the mountains searching for the perfect view to take amazing pictures.

Sofia is our first stop, the capital city of Bulgaria, where you will arrive. Then we will hike in the mountains for the week visiting villages and looking for places that we can stop and try to make the best out of the light conditions, learn about image compositions and what camera settings to use.

We will arrive at our starting locations early in the morning, and try to get to interesting places at sunrise, so we can take advantage of the magic hour.

Night time we will stay at hotels that offer good amenities and enjoy the amazing night sky.

Here is short description of the maintains we plan to visit:

Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha is located in the outskirts of the capital city and it is the most visited Bulgarian Mountain. It rises above Sofia and its highest peak - Cherni Vrah (Black Peak) - is the fourth among the highest Bulgarian mountains peaks. Cherni Vrah's elevation is 7515 feet (2290m).

A unique natural phenomenon are the "stone rivers" (moreni). Stone rivers are impressive piles of rounded granite stones in river valleys. These valleys are about 1-1.5 miles in length (about 2 km) and at some places reaching 55 yards in width (about 50m). Probably the best "Moreni" in Vitosha re the ones in the area of The Golden Bridges.

Vitosha offers many historical sights, most popular among them are the Boyana church, Dragalevtzi Monastery and the Church of Saint George.

A very impressive natural wonder is the Boyanska River waterfall, which drops about 50 feet (15m). Vitosha has no lakes.

All tourist chalets in Vitosha offer lodging and nice Bulgarian cuisine dishes.


Bansko is one of the most famous Bulgarian ski resorts during winter. It is located in the Pirin National Park and it is about about 3 hours drive from Sofia.

The Pirin Mountains are named after the god Perun, the god of Thunder. Pirin Mountains are the most beloved mountains by hikers and have more than 60 peaks elevated over 8200 feet (2500m) above the sea level.

Bansko will offer a nice mixture of modern architecture, that blends nicely with architecture of Ottoman and Greek origins. The stone houses in Bansko in particular, are very attractive for photographers. Many of these stone houses resemble miniature monasteries, which is always something interesting to take a picture of.

The area around Bansko offers many trails and beautiful scenery. The photo walks will be adjusted by the guide on the spot, depending on the physical condition of the group. Since we are to carry heavy and sensitive equipment with us, trails and locations will be chosen to make sure we visit remarkable places and still have energy to press the shutter.

Bansko offers a lot of restaurants serving Bulgarian cuisine dishes and coffee shops with freshly brewed coffee and delicious pastries, sweets and bakes.


Malyovitsa is a peak in the Rila Mountains. It is 8956 feet high (2730m) and is one of the most popular regions in the mountains as a winter ski resort and for sport rock climbing. We will not do rock climbing, but we will definitely explore the region.

Few hours hiking will bring us to the Rila Monastery, one of the most popular historical monasteries in Bulgaria and Europe.

Malyovitsa is located in north-western Rila and we will see some of the biggest and significant group of lakes in this part of the mountain. The biggest and the most famous lake group on the Balkan Peninsula is also close to Malyovitsa - The Seven Rila Lakes.

The Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Rila Lakes are the most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria. The lakes are situated between 6890 feet (2100m) and 8200 feet (2500m) above the sea level.

Each lake has a unique name that is associated with the most interesting feature or property of the lake. The lakes have different elevations and are connected by small streams, which form tiny waterfalls and cascades.

We will visit the lakes, weather permitted, and will stay at The Seven Lakes Chalet, if it is open for business. It is a breathtaking place which will inspire a lot of amazing photos. As always when in the mountains - be ready to take out of your bag of tricks your HDR skills and use them.