Nick Kolev
Web Development and Marketing

Nick has been in the software industry for over 20 years. His gig is managing software engineers and coding for companies using commercial and open source technologies. He has experience in developing solutions that range from hyper-video to marketing and e-commerce, Nick is constantly on the lookout for problems that can be solved by better software.

Nick is a serial picture-taker and digital photography is his hobby. It started many years ago and Nick realized that as any craft, it requires time and practice. Learning alone is a difficult and long process. Collaborating and quick feedback are two key components to improve skills fast. Nick’s vision is to help people take better images while exploring other cultures, being part of private classes and guided by professional photographers.


Kalin Kroumov
Logistics and Public Relations

Kalin has moved to LA from Bulgaria in 1999. His interest in the history and culture of the Balkans came from the legends of Orpheus, the stories of Spartacus and kings of Thracians.

Kalin has years of experience in the fields of Global Logistics and International Trade.

Kalin later became one of the founders of Bulgarian Education and Cultural Society in California. He was involved in numerous intercultural diplomacy projects, festivals and events in Los Angeles that received recognition from the Mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti, and the U.S. Congresswoman Janice Hahn.


Darina Perfenova
UX, Joint Ventures, Public Relations

Darina has been a creator and entrepreneur for over 30 years in Bulgaria and Canada. She has a Master’s degree in Communications and a passion for photography. Has resided in British Columbia, Canada since 2003. She is an idea generator and has wide-ranging experiences: from building and managing a coffee bar, a retail store, a wholesale company to most recently – creating all-natural desserts.

Darina has worked for a non-profit organization, and her responsibilities included public relations. She loves traveling and exploring new cultures.

Darina has the incredible gift to see the bigger picture and with all the experience she has, she can provide consulting services that help companies build the right products and services for their customers.