For us enthusiasts photographers, there are few hours of the day that we should pay attention the most. These hours are known as “Blue Hour” and “Golden Hour” (“Magic Hour”).

There are tools to calculate these hours and they are closely related to the sunset, sunrise and twilight of each location for a given day.

The ‘Blue Hour” is a short period of time directly before sunrise and after sunset. The duration depends on how far north you are (we are not discussing south hemisphere). In the middle European areas the “Blue Hour” lasts between 30 and 50 minutes on average. In more northern locations it lasts much longer. The name “Blue Hour” comes from the blue colored sky. The sky is below the horizon, but there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness.

The “Golden Hour”, or “Magic Hour” is the time frame shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. The Sun is close to the horizon and the light is very warm, with golden color. This color gives outstanding mood of light and many photographers try to take advantage of it. As with the “Blue Hour”, the “Golden Hour” duration depends on the geographic location.

When the Sun is low and close to the horizon, objects have shadows which gives dimension and more dynamics between objects in your pictures. That is why photographers like taking pictures early in the mornings and before sunset.

To help you with getting ready and be informed about the opportunities of “Golden Hours” and “Blue Hours” at the locations we are going to visit, we prepared pre-calculated tables for each of the days we organize the provide photography classes. Please feel free to use them or download if you prefer to do so.

Please note that the dates in these files follow the European format, which is day-month-year.

Blue Hours & Golden Hours For Each Location

Cob Camp
Shiroka Laka
Eagle Eye
Chudnite Mostove