Improve Your Skills With Our Creative Photowalks Tours


Our Creative Photowalks Tours are private photography tours in the Rhodope Mountains, South Bulgaria. Our audience are digital photography enthusiasts, who want to improve their skills and are interested in cultural travels.

Creative Photowalks Tours - Devil Bridge
Creative Photowalks Tours – Devil Bridge

To maximize the time and outcome of our coached photography tours, we expect that our clients work with good equipment. It is also expected that you have at least basic understanding of camera settings and photography terminology. To summarize it, our cultural travel tours and coached photography walks are for more advanced enthusiast photographers, who are not at professional level, but want to significantly improve their skills of taking good pictures.

We will be with you from the moment you arrive at the the airport to the moment you leave. Our group hosts will take care of everything you need, to ensure you are completely dedicated to improve your skills as a photographer.

Each group works with a dedicated professional photographer. This professional photographer will be 24/7 with the group and answer any questions you might have about photography or equipment. The photography coach only goal is to be with you all the time and guide to take amazing pictures. This is coached experience with hands-on workshops.

Expect to cover picture taking techniques in different environment like street photography, landscape photography, and even taking portraits pictures. We meet each group with local people and each of our clients will have the opportunity to spend time to learn how to make good portraits. Weather and conditions permitted, the portraits sessions will be either in studio or outdoor at selected spots.

We need to mention that we expect our guests to be fit enough to be able to go on 1 to 2 hours hikes in the mountains, caring your own equipment. This expectation is dictated by the fact that most of the locations we are going to spend our time at are places in the mountains and require for us to walk the last distances. We will be driving to these location as close as possible, but it is understandable that not always these places are reachable by transportation.

Fly To Bulgaria To Improve Your Skills As Photographer


Creative Photowalks Tours - Street Photography
Creative Photowalks Tours – Street Photography

We have different understanding of what a good picture is, different ambitions and goals.

If you think of the pictures that you liked, it is easy to realize that it was the place, the scene, the person or the action frozen in the frame, that made you stop and look.

The equipment and the techniques are one thing, but if you shoot the same place, which has already being photographed by other thousand enthusiasts, there isn’t much you can do. Such spots were most likely already photographed from all possible angles, in different light conditions, and already posted on many of the social platforms.

We offer unique spots in a country yet to be discovered by other enthusiast photographers. You will have the unique advantage to be picturing new places, emerge in a remote culture, while being guided and mentored by a professional photographer.

Photography Equipment Requirements To Maximize Your Coached Photography Tours


The equipment is not the only important component, when it comes to taking good pictures, but it plays a critical role to help you doing so. Good tools are always great instruments, if used to their full potential.

Creative Photowalks Tours - Use good DSLR camera
Creative Photowalks Tours – Use good DSLR camera

This is coached experience and the expectations are to work with a DSLR, a mirrorless cameras or or other digital cameras with higher level of sophistication than a point-and-shoot camera or a phone (camera). We will not return anyone who believes a point-and-shoot or phone camera is perfect for their needs. This choice is not up to us, the power for making this decision is in your hands. We are only suggesting, based on experience, that it is more likely to receive better value from this coached photowalks when utilizing more sophisticated equipment.

In terms of lenses, please bring your set to cover landscape, street photography, and portrait taking needs. This means wide-angle lenses, long lenses and 50-80 mm (full-frame) lenses for portrait photography. Prime lenses are the best choice for portraits.

Telephoto zoom lenses are welcome, a lot can be covered with good zoom lenses. Zoom lenses in the ranges 20-125 are most common and are usually very good choice for coached culture travel.

It is hard to give more determined advises about specific lenses models. Usually zoom lenses are a good choice for culture travel, because they bring flexibility in a single package, and when you travel one must be cautions about the weight of their equipment.

Next we would suggest having good filters. Starting with good protective, UV filters. Then adding polarizing filters, which could be helpful especially when taking pictures of wide water areas like lakes. It also makes sense to include in your package natural-density filters, because in many cases we will be shooting in very sunny conditions.

For crystal clear pictures, a tripod is key. We offer to go for photo shoots during the golden/blue hours of the day. These hours vary depending on the month and sometimes we will not be able to organize them, simply because the golden and blue hours are too early or too late in the day and interfere with the rest of our schedule. But for the enthusiast who do want to take pictures during golden or blue hours, we suggest using a tripod. And to put it simple, no night shooting would be possible without a tripod.

Let’s not forget adding a good flash to the list. A flash can improve a lot of bright light situations, back-light conditions and photo shoots in low-light conditions.




We encourage you to bring your DSLR-level camera and a good set of lenses to cover different photo shoots like street photography, landscape and portraits.

Next, make sure everything you are going to carry with you during the photowalks fits well in a compact and comfortable backpack or case. Don’t forget to bring your UV, polarized and ND filters with you.

To finish, we recommend to include in your list a light but sturdy tripod and a flash, which you feel comfortable with.

Leave it to us to take you to new places and work with you to take amazing pictures.