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The Wicked tooth peak Maljovitca area in Central Rila mountain. Western Rila mountain. Seven Lakes area. The new two chair lift to Rila Lakes chalet. Seven Lakes area the Lake hill. Small pyramids made of flat stones which tourists make to commemorate their visits here. Central Rila mountain. One of Maljovitca lakes and the path towards the peak. Six of the Seven Rila lakes and lakes hill. The crystal clear water of an alpine lake and tourists reflections on its surface. Sunflower fields.

5. March 2013 14:28
by nick


5. March 2013 14:28 by nick | 63 Comments

I have been thinking to organize photo walks for some time now. I would say I am just starting to get serious about digital photography and I am looking for interesting and effective ways to learn how to improve my skills. In my opinion, learning by example is the best way to go about it.

So, I presented my idea to a few friends, they liked it and agreed to help me realize it. One of these friends (Ivan) has many years of hiking experience. He has done this professionally and just for fun. He will be our guide during these photo walks - he knows all magical places in the mountains worth taking pictures of.

This website will be used to facilitate my efforts to make this project happen. I just started, it is still under construction, as you can see.

I chose as blogging and website platform. I will be customizing and changing it to adjust it to my needs.

Please come back often to check out the development of this project.