Creative Photo Walks

Zoom with your legs

The Wicked tooth peak Maljovitca area in Central Rila mountain. Western Rila mountain. Seven Lakes area. The new two chair lift to Rila Lakes chalet. Seven Lakes area the Lake hill. Small pyramids made of flat stones which tourists make to commemorate their visits here. Central Rila mountain. One of Maljovitca lakes and the path towards the peak. Six of the Seven Rila lakes and lakes hill. The crystal clear water of an alpine lake and tourists reflections on its surface. Sunflower fields. Campaign

Check out our campaign. You can sign there for a photo walk in July. Join us for an exciting adventure in Bulgaria, guided by a professional photographer! You will spend 5 day in a group of people that are photo enthusiasts like you, visiting amazing places and taking memorable pictures.


Creative Photo Walks is about improving you skills as a photographer.

Our goal is to specialize in arranging guided 'photowalks' for beginner and advanced amateur photographers. These photowalks will be organized in scenic places and each group will be accompanied by a skilled photographer - professional or a fellow enthusiast - who will work with the group to improve each participant's skills.

We plan to make these groups small to ensure that everyone gets enough one-on-one time with the guiding photographer and we plan them to last 5 days.

Tours include visiting cities and hiking in the mountains. We expect you to be able to hike for 2-4 hours and carry your own equipment. Routes are chosen to be easy, but few short distances might present slight challenges.

So, bring your tele, wide, prime and favorite lenses, shiny cameras and (light) mono or tripods! Fit everything in a comfortable backpack, put your hiking shoes on and let's explore!


When you take a picture, few things that need to be there for that picture to be really good. You need an interesting object or subject, you need good light conditions, you have to be skilled and creative with your composition.

Recently I was going trough my pictures on my hard drive and I realized that a lot of my pictures look like variations of the same one. Then I realized the reason for that - they were all taken at the same place. Different times, different subjects (some of the times), but same place. My point is that, if you want your pictures to stand out, you need to go places. You need to get out of your comfortable environment and test and try in new conditions and surroundings.

This is how I came to the idea to organize photowalks in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a country rich in unspoiled nature, abundant wildlife, long history and interesting architecture. It is a place where you can find some of Europe's finest mountain sceneries. Bulgaria is still to be discovered by tourists. It hides spectacular views for explorers that seek authentic, rural villages with traditional architecture and sweeping panoramas. It is a photographer's dream-come-true place - you can make landscape pictures, portraits, steel moments of the wildlife, and be absorbed by ancient  history and legends about heroes, tzars and battles.