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Taking amazing pictures

What do we need, to take amazing pictures? Let’s brake it down.

Most of us focus on, and stop after selecting a good camera and lenses. We may even extend our investment and get few accessories, like filters and flash light, but that’s it. We spend all the money and time on selecting good equipment, and never invest in learning how to use it.

There is so much more to taking amazing pictures, than just having the perfect equipment.

This is where imagination and creativity starts. And where frustration begins.

Creative Photowalks provides private photography classes and cultural tours. It is all about immersing into digital photography for a week, take lots of pictures while being privately mentored by professional photographers.

We coach composition, narrative, camera settings, and software image manipulation to perfect the process of freezing the light. All this while visiting new places and embracing another culture.

Join us and other fellow digital photography enthusiasts for fun and educating culture travel dedicated to improving your photography skills!

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